Guide to Susita

Hippos-Susita is located 2 km east of the Sea of Galilee on the slopes of the Golan. The ancient city of Susita is one of the best preserved Hellenistic-Roman sites in Israel, including a forum, central basilica, paved streets, 7 churches, an amazing water system and mored. Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the author of he guideĀ  has been excavating on the site since the year 2000. Susita is soon to be opened as a National Park allowing the visitors to explore this fascinating site. The guide book includes three proposed walking tours of Susita, the history of he city, details, reconstructions and a map.


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Size: 15 x 17 cms.
61 pages
Soft cover
Full color
Detailed maps
Publication date: 2021
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