The Land of Galilee

This special ERETZ issue, the first in our Israel Series, is devoted to the Galilee. From the earliest glimmerings of human life to the varied communities that live in Galilee today. Kabbalists, environmentalists, Arabs’ Sufis, Bedouins, Druze, Melekites, Hassidic communities, kibbutzniks, moshavniks, Jewish families in search of space, and many more. Follow us to Galilee and fall in love with this unique region.

The issue will be accompanied, by an original Galilee Travel Guide – Twelve Galilee tour guides reveal the special places that they reserve for their favored travelers.

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Galilee is a region with dramatic scenery and momentous history. It is a land of forested mountains and lush valleys, settled by the earliest of humans. The olive was first cultivated here, as was the original wild emmer wheat, the forerunner of our domesticated variety. Galilee was always a land of farmers, people connected to the earth and its abundance. Many of the earliest gods are Galilean, Pan for example – the god of shepherds. The hardiest warriors came from Galilee – such as the Jewish fighters against the Romans in the Great Rebellion. Many of the Talmudic sages were Galileans, including renowned healers and rabbis.

The issue includes a separate guide to Galilee and a map.
Coming out this winter.
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