Unveiling Caesarea

Tracing the Story Behind the Creation of the National Park

A Night at the Amphitheater

Since 1986, Shlomo Artzi, folk rock musician, composer, music producer, and songwriter, returns every year to Caesarea for sold־out concerts, turning a Caesarea Concert into a career goal that many artists strive to attain

Caesarea Maritima

The harbor of Caesarea, the first artificial port built in the world, was a marvel of design and technique created by the most advanced building materials — a project planned to change Judea forever

The Trial of Saul of Tarsus

Saul of Tarsus, Paul the apostle, was detained in Caesarea for two years. Significant space in the book of Acts in the New Testament is devoted to this trial. Currently, preservation work on the large cistern under Herod’s Palace in Caesarea is being conducted, where an ancient inscription on the wall indicates that the cistern was used not only for water but also as a prison, probably not for the apostle but for other martyrs in Caesarea

The Search for Divine Truth

During the third century, Caesarea became a center of Christian and Jewish religious learning, attracting scholars and students from all over the Greek־Roman and Jewish world. The encounter between Christian and Jewish intellectuals shaped the paths of Christianity and Judaism for future generations

Testimonies in Mosaic and Stone

More than one thousand inscriptions or parts of inscriptions were discovered in Caesarea. The inscriptions, in Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hebrew, decorated buildings, were inserted in floor mosaics, engraved on columns and tombs and attached to statues. They add a voice to the walls and remains of Caesarea’s palaces, temples, and edifices

Saint Louis and the Grand Walls of Caesarea

The construction of the Crusader walls of Caesarea was Louis IX of France’s atonement for the failure of the Seventh Crusader and his realization that the future of the Kingdom of Jerusalem was doomed

Tomb of Rabbi Abbahu and His Son

For twenty years now, worshipers and those seeking a way to Zion have been coming to the tomb of Rabbi Abbahu and his son in Caesarea. A beautiful pastoral place, unregulated and unknown. But, definitely has an interesting reference