ERETZ 180 – Megiddo

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Beyond the Green Gate

Expedition after expedition has carved up Megiddo, dug into it, peeled away its layers, numbered and renumbered them moving them from period to period in the 120 years that the site has been under excavation.This is the story of the expeditions, the archaeologists, surveyors and philantropists – a story as exciting as the site itself.

Counting the Layers

The archaeological layers at Megiddo, how are they counted and numbered, and how do we know which layer belongs to which period?

Sacred Precinct

For two and a half millennia, a cultic center existed on Megiddo, a sacred precinct that preserved a spiritual connotation for thousands of years. 

Egypt in Canaan

Megiddo was always at the mercy of the ancient global powers. During the second millennium BCE., it was Egypt that held the keys to Megiddo’s prosperity.

Conquest of a Thousand Towns

“On the north our cavalry, traversing the Field of Armageddon, had occupied Nazareth, Afula, and Beisan. All avenues of escape open to the enemy, were thus closed.” General Edmund Allenby’s Report on the Battle of Megiddo, 1918.

Gates to the Kingdom

The Iron Age layers of Megiddo, the Israelite layers, ‭ ‬three layers out of thirty have been at the forefront of archaeological controversy for over fifty years. 

The Source

The most impressive of the ancient remains at Megiddo is the water system with its grand shaft and tunnel. Discovered by the Chicago Expedition in a complex dig it is still the highlight of every visit to the sitel.

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Seven Seals of the Apocalypse

The prophet Jeremiah’s Righteous King Josiah, died at Megiddo. The tragic death transformed Megiddo into the site of the apocalyptical battle of good against evil, at the end of days – the battle at Har Magedon – Armageddon.

A Short Guide to Megiddo

From the Chicago house entrance to the water system tunnel, a quick rundown throught the site’s highlights.

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