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The Last Letter

The new Israeli film “Image of Victory,” is a private personal victory providing closure to an eight-decade festering trauma.

Yadin Roman

Heritage Roots

Gali Kadar and her two brothers set out for a trek around the country, searching for traditional orchards and heritage trees. It was the beginning of a new trend.

Gali Kedar

Bustan People

In the last decade, the Bustan, the traditional Mediterranean garden  is making a comeback. Following are three leaders of this revolution.

Gali Kedar

Pardes and Paradise

The historical sources of the traditional local garden go all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Architect Alisa Brauda looks into the historical roots of the mystical garden.


Rethinking Masada

Sixty years after the famous excavations of Masada by Yigael Yadin, the doubts about the Roman assault on Masada followed by the mass suicide of the defenders are still unanswered.

Yadin Roman

Next Time You’re Here

The Israel Trail

From Dan to Eilat, 960 kilometers

The ERETZ Staff

Kayaking on the Dead Sea

Amazing shapes and colors

The ERETZ Staff

Sharon Blumenfeld

Artist Portfolio

The ERETZ Staff

By The Way: Zukim

Falafel truck and desert chimes

Dita Kohl

The Old City of Acre

Culinary jaunt through ancient alleys



Rebel Daughter, Lori Banov Kaufmann

Devorah Mayman Patt

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