The Concert

On December 18, one thousand musicians and singers climbed the steep tiers of the Caesarea Theater seats to sing together Ehud Manor’s song “Home” – a cry for the release of the hostages held by Hamas. It was a stunning and powerful production and received millions of views worldwide within hours. The concert was the brainchild of Talya Yarom, an event producer who decided that this was what she knew and needed to do.

Dwindling Sands

The large sandclocks installed in the main squares of Tel Aviv and New York are the most tangible reminder that the time for the hostages is running out. Volunteers made them. Young people at the beginning of their professional careers or veterans at the peak of their careers, experienced and capable. The spirit of Israeli civic society. The clocks are not only a call for the release of the hostages. Instead, they are a wake-up call for all of us that the time for a major tikkun of Israel is now, and time is running out.

Shattered Lens

War correspondents are perceived as fearless and resilient to the harrowing events they cover. However, for the past twenty years, research has shown that the toughest journalists covering disasters and battles suffer from traumatic disorders. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by Israeli soldiers has gained recognition and treatment in recent years. But, for Israeli media teams who, since October 7, have been intensively reporting on the events on the battlefield, there is no institutionalized mental health help. Shomrim’s Journalist Emergency Fund has tried to provide an initial response for frontline journalists and media teams.

Manara, the Lighthouse on the Mountain

Since it is founding, in 1943, Manara was a difficult place to live in. 900 meters above sea, between the steep Ramin Cliff and the Lebanese border, fate did not shine on the small kibbutz. More members left than ever arrived. The schools were shut down, and only the elderly founders were left. Until ten years ago when the Kibbutz Movement stepped in to help. The population grew, schools were reopened and there was optimism in the air. Until October 7.


Artist Tigist Yoseph Ron’s exhibition “Beyond Order,” at the Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv, focuses on the memories of the evacuees from Kibbutz Be’eri, including her husband’s family, of the home they had to leave