eretz 185

ERETZ 185-186

Issued this August

The Hadrian Enigma

For fifty years, the amazing find by a New York stockbroker of a bronze statue of Hadrian and the huge, 11.5 meter-long Latin inscription in the fields of Kibbutz Tirat Zvi has raised many theories. Now, with the excavations at Tel Shalem in the Southern Beit Shean Valley

An Octopus’ Garden

Israel’s maritime space, 26,000 square kilometers, is as vast as its total land area. During the last few years, it has become clear that this area is not just a sandy seabed covered in water but also a fascinating world of mountain ranges, deep canyons, and a wide variety of flora and fauna

Herod’s Grand Harbor

Beginning in 22 BCE, Herod began to build, simultaneously, among others, the Temple in Jerusalem, the city of Sebastia, Antipatris (Afek), his palaces in Jericho, and his estate at Herodium. The highlight of these massive construction enterprises was the port of Caesarea

The Visit of the Monk Seal

In June 2023, out of the blue sea, a monk seal appeared on the Tel Aviv shore. A rare visit of an even rarer species. the country fell in love with this frolicking mammal, soon to be called Julia. Monk seals proliferated in the Mediterranean for thousands of years.

Bees and Emperors

Collaboration between the art department and the archaeological department of the Israel Museum has put together a fascinating experiment. Creating a copy of the bronze statue of Hadrian in beeswax with the aid o  one hundred thousand bees.

Hanging Up the Trekking Shoes

Gadi Sternbach was one of the first Sinai high-mountain trekkers, way before the concept was even invented. Once the Sinai was returned to Egypt he changed his profession to become a winemaker. His story captures a time when trekking first came to Israel, the beginning of the Israel wanderlust.

Time Travelers

One hundred years to the discovery of the grave of Philip d’Aubigny in Jerusalem. His cousin was one of the executors of the Magna Carta and he himself, counted among his many estates the Channel Islands. He was buried at the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.