The Land of JUDEA – Israel Series


The varied tapestry of the Land of Judea. A photo essay.

Vital Statistics

Geography and geology, borders and population, Israelis and Palestinians and number of localities. 


Route 60

Route 60 is the main traffic artery of the Land of Judea. A geographical hisotrical tour through a modern traffic jam.

Yadin Roman with Aryeh Rotenberg

Little Town of Bethlehem

For 1,600 years, since the fourth century, Bethlehem’s fame and economy have drawn on its reputation as the birthplace of Jesus. However, the Christian population of Bethlehem is shrinking, and its future seems bleak.

Yadin Roman

Seven Councils on the Walls

Two years ago, a consortium of Italian universities completed the preservation project to save the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. The beautiful Byzantine and Crusader mosaics have again been vividly brought to life

Tour guide travelogue

Bus to The Valley of Fire

A trip along the Palestinian bypass road from Bethlehen to Ramalla.

Yadin Roman

An End to Wandering

Bedouins throughout the Judean Desert have long ceased living a nomadic life. This transformation has caused a dramatic cultural change.

Conversation with Dr. Yaron Ovadia and Gadi Yotvat

The Return

Interviews with the veterans of Gush Etzion

Nadav Fraenkel

Facing East

Two Haredi settlements, a settlement founded by Breslov Hasidim, and others in the land that the prophet Amos knew well.

Yadin Roman

The Visit

In 15 BCE, Marcus Agrippa, lieutenant to Emperor Augustus visited Judea. To prepare for the visit, Herod revamped his estate at Herodium adding one of the most impressive archaeological finds to date. 

Yadin Roman