ERETZ 167 – 7/18

ALIYAH 1882-1948

First Aliyah
Mother Russia
Daria Sirot

Second Aliyah
Kinneret, Kinneret
Manya Shochat

Third Aliyah
The Labor Legion
Ada Fishman (Maimon), Interview with Prof. Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern

Fourth Aliyah
Shopkeepers, Bialik and Ahad Ha’am
Grete Wolf Krakauer, Heidi J. Gleit

Fifth Aliyah
Ben Yehuda Strasse
Lotte Roman, Maya Roman

Aliyah Bet
Breaching the British Blockade
Ada Sereni, Interview with Prof. Lilach Rosenberg Friedman



Size: 21 X 29 cms
90 pages
Full color
Images are for illustration only and do not neccesarily portray the actual width of the books.