ERETZ 169 – 12/18


The Aleph Bet of Israeli Fashion
Decoding Israeli dress
Assaf Kugler

Linguistically Correct
Reviving Hebrew as a spoken language
Yadin Roman

Housing for All
the housing complexes that shaped a nation
Yadin Roman

The Return of Nahum Zemach
Forgotten father of Hebrew theater receives recognition
Assaf Kugler

Israel at the Oscars
The quest continues
Assaf Kugler


The Homecoming – 10 days in the Land of Israel, Haya Harel

Army Waves – Galgalatz turns 25, Assaf Kugler

Shining City on a Hill – A tour of Susita, Yadin Roman



Size: 21 X 29.5 cms
Full color
64 pages
Images are for illustration only and do not neccesarily portray the actual width of the books.