Israel Florilegium

The Israeli florilegium album* contains illustrations of Israel’s wildflowers by two British painters from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England, who came to Israel fifty years ago at the invitation of the Nature Reserves Authority. The two illustrators, Mary Grierson and Heather Wood drew nearly 400 flowers used in the campaign to save Israel’s wildflowers in the 1970s.

The beautiful paintings were lost for fifty years. Last year, they were rediscovered in the Nature and Parks Authority armory.

We invite nature and heritage lovers to support us in publishing the album by pre-ordering a copy or copies.

The album is scheduled for release in February 2025.

*Florilegium – a collection of flower illustrations.


What’s Inside the Album

  • Stunning Illustrations: Over 120 meticulously painted wildflowers, each illustrating the unique flora of Israel.
  • Botanical Details: Informative descriptions of each wildflower, providing scientific insights and characteristics.
  • Cultural Significance: Reference to these plants’ biblical and popular associations.
  • Bilingual Text: The album is presented in Hebrew and English, making it accessible to a wider audience.