Guide to Megiddo

Biblical Armageddon:
After a year of conservation and renovation Tel Megiddo – the archaeological motherlode of the Land of Israel has reopened to the public. 30 layers spanning from the Neolithic Period to the days of the Babylonians – 3,000 years and more of human settlement can be seen at the site.  The ERETZ Guide to Megiddo walks the reader through the site and its finds,  affording a rare insight into the biblical history of the Land of Israel through the archaeological remains.




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ERETZ Guides are in-depth guides written for a knowledgeable audience.
Size: 13 X 21cms.
Allow 3 weeks for delivery from Israel

Understanding Megiddo
The Late Bronze Age Gate
The Israelite Gate
Building 6000
The Sacred Precinct
The Southern Palace
The Eastern Observation Platform
Chariot City
The Coming of the Assyrians
The Water System
The Final Days

site map, diagrams, illustrations, historical photos, table of layers, pharaohs, and kings of Israel and Judah

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