Guide to Caesarea

Excavations in Caesarea have been going on for almost 140 years. Yet, only 15 percent of the site has been unearthed. The decades of research have produced hundreds of reports, scholarly articles, books, archaeological conventions, and more.
For 1,200 years, Caesarea was the most important city in the Land of Israel. From its foundation, it rivaled Jerusalem: A modern, multicultural, cosmopolitan metropolis on the sea, part and parcel of the all-encompassing world of the Roman Empire. Following the destruction of Jerusalem, it served as the country’s capital for nearly six centuries and a major center of learning.
In this in-depth guide, Yadin Roman, editor of ERETZ magazine, takes the reader on a tour of Caesarea’s monuments and ancient structures: the Roman theater, Herod’s Promontory Palace, and the Hippodrome. The Byzantine Quarter, the Praetorium, the storerooms, the bathhouse villa, Herod’s magnificent harbor, the Temple Platform, the Crusader Walls, the Synagogue, the aqueducts, the Hippodrome, ancient villas around the city, and more.