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A Special reprint for Israel’s 75th Anniversary

With nearly ten million inhabitants and a flourishing economy, it is almost impossible to imagine Israel in its first decade. In 1948, Israel was a poor country going through an extended and difficult war. At the same time, it was absorbing thousands of new immigrants and building its physical and ideological infrastructure. Simply providing for all its inhabitants’ basic needs — a roof over their heads, food, education, and livelihood — demanded unprecedented efforts. These challenges were met with a spirit of “we shall make this work.” It was not euphoria, but a feeling of being present at a unique moment in history.

The 1950s were the decade when the foundation was laid of who and what Israelis and Israel are today. Many of the photos of those early years are carefully staged, to convey a sense of renewal and togetherness. Even so, they portray the reality of those days of faith for a better future.

These two albums, “Israel the First Year,” and “The Early Years” complement each other. They were originally published for Israel’s 60th anniversary and have long been out of print. This new, limited edition of both albums is a thought-provoking collector’s item appropriate for these days.

  • Original price was: $118.00.Current price is: $89.00.

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