ERETZ 157: 6/16


The Many Faces of Tel Aviv Beach
The latest transformation is into an art gallery, showcasing art from the Tel Aviv Museum.

“Tell it not in Gath”
Prof. Aren Maeir’s excavations at Tel es-Safi have completely changed our perspective of the Philistines.

Kohn & Kuperman
A previously unknown photo album portrays the history of two senior officials from the days of the British Mandate.

90 Years of Wisdom
Yehuda Ziv shares his knowledge of Israel with ERETZ on his ninetieth birthday.
Asaf Kugler


Operation Moses: 30 Years After, ERETZ Staff

New Exhibit at the Old Yishuv Court Museum, ERETZ Staff

The King of Hebrew Verbs, Yadin Roman

The Ultimate Israeli Street Food, Asaf Kugler

Who Killed Ramses the Third?, ERETZ Staff

Summer Night Blossoms, ERETZ Staff

Appreciating Efrat Natan’s Body of Art, Asaf Kugler

Around the Ramon Crater, ERETZ Staff

Sleeping Out, ERETZ Staff



Size: 21 X 29
66 pages
Airmail delivery from Israel
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