ERETZ 158: 8/16


Israeli Filmmakers Present Surprising Slices of Reality
Israeli documentaries are tackling topics from how Israel copes with the Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers to family dynamics to daily life in the midst of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Heidi J. Gleit

What’s in a Jewish Name?
Explaining Jewish surnames is a hot topic, with a bevy of new articles, blogs, and databases..
Yadin Roman

A View of Earthly Jerusalem
Jerusalem a century ago, shown by a new Tower of David Museum exhibition.

The West Bank Water Fight
Summer after summer, thousands of Palestinians on the West Bank suffer from water shortages.
Yadin Roman


Keys to the Past, ERETZ Staff

All the Yellow Flowers, ERETZ Staff

The Cultures, the Architecture, and the Dramas, Dita Kohl

In the Shower Together, Asaf Kugler

Arts and Culture, ERETZ Staff



Size: 21 X 29
66 pages
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