ERETZ 163: 10/17


Return of the Old Goat
Israel’s complicated relations with goats
Yadin Roman

The Amazons at the Gates
Three women who breached the stone ceiling of archaeology.
Maya Roman

The Golan Survey
Surveys of the Golan Heights were done weeks after the Six Day War

Spring and Synagogue
A new guide book explores the Golan Heights through the connection between ancient synagogues and springs
Yadin Roman


Goats of Israel – descriptions of the main breeds of goats found in Israel, ERETZ Staff

Goat Cheese – Joseph Caruso and the history of Israeli goat cheese, ERETZ Staff

The Jews of Havana – Who are the Cuban Jews?, Dr. Margalit Bejarano


Israeli Art; Signs of War, from Gin Bottles to Shells; Nature: The Magnificent Seven, ERETZ Staff



Size: 21 X 29
Airmail delivery from Israel
Images are for illustration only and do not neccesarily portray the actual width of the books.