ERETZ 159: 11/16


And a New King Rose over Egypt
The “Pharaoh in Canaan” exhibition at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, inspired this special issue of ERETZ Magazine.
Yadin Roman
Includes: Chronological Table Pharaohs and Dynasties, Egyptian Symbolism, The Great Crisis – The Fall of the Egyptian Empire and more!


Remembering Ofra Zimbalista – Israeli Art, Heidi J. Gleit

Marking Israel’s Trails – How it all began, Yadin Roman

Vartan’s Iris – Discovering the flowers of the Galilee, ERETZ Staff

“The World is Like an Antila” – Ancient Middle Eastern water wheels, ERETZ Staff

Photographing the Land – Pictorial, Chanan Getraide

Flash Flood Season – Camping in the Ramon Crater, ERETZ Staff



Size: 21 X 29
82 pages
Airmail delivery from Israel
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