Galilee and Judea

ERETZ Magazine’s Israel Series is an in-depth view of the various regions of the Land of Israel. Until now we have published an issue on the Golan, the Jordan River, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. With Covid-19 raging we published a blockbuster issue on the Land of Galilee. The second issue in the series The Land of Judea is already been prepared for print. The area we defined as the Land of Judea, south of Jerusalem and north of Hebron, affords an amazing insight into the heritage of this land, its present and what our future could hold. Between Palestinians and settlers, farmers and bedouins, Hebrew prophets, Boaz and Ruth, and the Church of the Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem this one of the most interesting area of the Land of Israel. don’t miss out on these two in-depth issues, complete with mapos and guides – for yourself or as a gift for rosh Hashana.
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Each kit includes a magazine and a guidebook to the area.
Land of Galilee published in April 2021
Land of Judea published in December 2021