ERETZ 168 – 10/18


The Missions
The UJA missions that spurredd tourism
Yadin Roman

Hebrew Luxury
Yekutiel and Samuel Federmann and their luxury hotel dream
Menachem Portugali

On Eagles’ Wings
Air Alaska and the early years of air travel to Israel
Yadin Roman

The Epic Melodrama
From Sword in the Desert to Exodus to Masada
Heidi J. Gleit

The Advent of the Holy Father
Christian pilgrimage to the holy land
Yadin Roman

Looking Forward
Celebrating Israel’s tenth anniversary
Yadin Roman


Yaacov’s Ladder, The Yaakov Agam museum in Rishon Lezion, Assaf Kugler

Hiking and Hostels, Class trips and the foundation of the Israeli Youth Hostels, ERETZ Staff

The Riding Club, Days in the saddle through Israel’s landscapes, Yadin Roman

The Last Stand, Beersheba’s new ANZAC Memorial Center, ERETZ Staff



Size: 21 X 29.5
88 pages
Full color
Images are for illustration only and do not neccesarily portray the actual width of the books.