Galilee, Judea and Dead-Sea

ERETZ Magazine’s Israel Series is an in-depth view of the various regions of the Land of Israel. Until now we have published an issue on the Golan, the Jordan River, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. With Covid-19 raging we published a blockbuster issue on the Land of Galilee. The second issue in the series: The Land of Judea – is just printed. The area we defined as the Land of Judea, south of Jerusalem and north of Hebron, affords an amazing insight into the heritage of this land, its present and what our future could hold. Between Palestinians and settlers, farmers and bedouins, Hebrew prophets, Boaz and Ruth, and the Church of the Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem this one of the most interesting area of the Land of Israel. The next issue  – Dead Sea – Shore to Shore – is now on working. This issue will includes the Israeli and the Jordan side of this special sea and area.
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Land of Galilee (May 2021)

ERETZ Magazine’s special issue on the Land of Galilee brings the Galilee into focus – the geography, the momentous history, the diverse cultures, and the people. Yadin Roman and the staff of ERETZ Magazine have been researching and writing about the Galilee for over three decades. Now, the vast knowledge and fascinating photographs we have accumulated finally are available to readers in a special 144-page publication.
Follow us to Galilee and fall in love with this unique region.
The issue accompanied, by an original Galilee Travel Guide – Twelve Galilee tour guides reveal the special places that they reserve for their favored travelers.
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Land of Judea (December 2021)

As a geographic magazine, our focus is on the Land of Israel. Judea, even if it is across the pre-1967 borders, is part of our scope, a natural part of the heritage and history of this land. Judea is the land where Abraham roamed. It is the Land of Milk and Honey. It is the land of Ruth the Moabite and King David. The place where the Magi came to seek the baby Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem.
Different political viewpoints call the area across the pre-1967 border by various names: the West Bank, Judea & Samaria, the Occupied Territories. This Special Issue of ERETZ is about the geography and heritage of the Judean Mountains, the range that formed the heartland of the biblical Kingdom of Judah.
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Dead Sea – Shore to Shore (August 2022)

Dead Sea – From Shore to Shore

The Dead Sea is drying up. In the past decade, its water level has dropped by nearly 50 feet and its surface has been reduced by a third. The Dead Sea has always been a source of natural deposits in the use of humankind. The Asphalt chunks that floated on its surface were used for medicine and embalming, and during the Second Temple period, the oases around its shores were planted with dates and balsam, an important source of income for the kingdoms around the sea. It was such a fertile area that Lot, brother of Abraham chose it as his inheritance. The cliffs and caves around its shores attracted outlaws and dissidents: King David, the Essenes, the rebels against Rome, and Byzantine monks.

The Dead Sea issue of Metropolis deal not only with the western shores, but also the eastern, Jordanian side. The eastern shore has an impressive history and ancient sites and magnificent natural landscapes: canyon flowing with water, hot springs and beautiful oases.

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Land of Galilee published in April 2021
Land of Judeapublished in December 2021
Dead Sea published in August 2022